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Meet Bobby McKinney, your local Avon salesperson. He wears a hard hat at work and carry avon perfumes discontinued catalogs to his work and encourages men to purchase perfume and lingerie from the company.

Mesmerize Cologne (Regular Price $23): Embrace the thrill from this unique blend of zesty bergamot aromatic cardamom and refined woods.


The scents for men by Avon are cologne, deodorant and aftershave. Some scents are also available as scent-infused body wash and hair care products. Choose a scent that fits your mood and style. Avon fragrances are not expensive and can be purchased directly from the company or through an independent sales representative, known as an “Avon Lady.”

Avon fragrance is a great present for a male relative or friend. The company offers many men’s scents like Wild Country and Mesmerize. A large number of Avon men’s scents come with a matching shaving cream and body wash, making them an ideal gift.

For the gentleman who appreciates the clean, light, floral fragrance, Avon offers several options. The scents Imari Seduction and Pur Blanca are light, fresh and floral. Both scents contain a mix of floral woody, vanilla, and floral notes. These fragrances are great for work and everyday wear.

Avon Men Fragrance comes with the classic Wild Country and bold Exploration scents. Both scents combine fresh peppermint, aromatic lavender and refined cedarwood for an extremely long-lasting scent. Since 1967 the Avon men’s Wild Country cologne has received positive reviews from fragrance experts. The scent blends the rugged scent of coriander seeds, Avon Men Perfume lavender and sandalwood to evoke masculinity. Mesmerize by Avon for men is a hypnotic fragrance that offers warm, spicy scents against a backdrop of cardamom, coriander and amber.

Scent Type

The perfumes that you wear can affect how others view you. If you want to get noticed for the right reasons, you should choose the scent that compliments your personality and enhances your own scent. It is important to use the right application method. Apply the scent to your pulse points (the places where you feel your heartbeat) to make it activated by the body heat.

Black Suede by Avon Men is a casual, masculine scent. It’s a great choice for everyday wear and works well in warmer temperatures. The cologne spray comes in a tiny bottle that is easy to carry around with you, meaning you can apply it throughout the day. It’s filled with strong scents that boost confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Avon Imari Seduction is a great alternative. It begins with sweet, fruity notes of juicy fruit and tart plum. The middle notes draw out the rose and orchid. The base notes offer the softness of amber and musk, making it more subtle compared to other Avon men’s fragrances.

The original Far Away is also a well-known choice. Its floral layers are a stunning blend of Indian jasmine and glowing marigold that is lightly tempered with vanilla. Other top notes include bergamot, citrus and sandalwood.

Scent Strength

Avon provides scents with different strengths and styles, whether you prefer gentle, light spritz or a strong splash. Select from colognes, after-shave conditioners and deodorants with a range of scents that leave you feeling confident throughout the day.

It was launched by the design firm Avon in 2012, Perfect Strength exemplifies the spirited masculinity of the charismatic man. It has a blend of bergamot, anise, and pepper, with heart notes of leather and recious cypress, and base notes of amber patchouli and sandalwood. This woody mossy fragrance for men is the perfect combination of strength and confidence.

Avon has a wide selection of men’s perfumes that are available in a variety of sizes, including bottles of fragrance as well as eau de toilette and cologne. Each has a distinctive scent that reflects the personality and style of the wearer. These fragrances are available in different styles, ranging from citrus to woody and you’ll be able to find the scent that matches your style.

Purchasing an Avon men’s perfume online is simple and easy. Avon also offers a selection of other beauty and personal grooming products for men. You can save money by buying fragrances and other items in a gift set or set. The orders are delivered quickly and efficiently and you can get the best customer service from Avon.


Avon fragrances for men are an excellent choice for a gift or for yourself. With a variety of signature fragrances that are easy to locate an aroma that fits your personal style.

Avon was founded by David H. McConnell in 1886, when he, who was a book dealer, began giving away small vials for his customers to increase the interest in and sales of his titles. Eventually, Avon’s main focus was the business of perfume.

Avon’s most popular fragrances for men are available in deodorants that match shampoos for body and hair and after-shaves. You can purchase these items in bundle offers for the best price.

Certain fragrances come in bottles that are shaped like cars or boats. These bottles that are figural are often sought-after by collectors due to their elegance and rarity.


The fragrances are usually able to last for a few days on the skin. The fragrance will fade over time, and it is important to apply it regularly in order to keep the scent fresh. The duration of the scent will depend on your body’s chemistry. For instance, if very sweaty or possess lots of body heat, your scent will disappear faster.

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